Heidi is a highly skilled and professional practitioner.  She is friendly and approachable and spends time listening to her clients concerns before tailoring the treatment to the individuals needs.  She uses acupuncture with great sensitivity and efficacy.  The Chinese massage technique for specific areas of the body is both relaxing and effective in pain relief.  She has a variety of other remedies which she can draw on from her wide experience.  I would confidently recommend Heidi.

Jane (May 2017)

After falling pregnant with my first child straight away, I expected the same thing to happen second time around. However when many months went by and nothing happened, I found it very hard to deal with.   The more stressed I became, the lower the chances were of me conceiving, but with every month that passed, the more stressed I became, it was a terrible cycle. A friend suggested going to see Heidi for some acupuncture to help, and after the first session I felt so relaxed and relieved. Heidi immediately put me at ease, she was a great listener and very knowledgable. I found out I was pregnant after 3 sessions. I considered stopping the sessions, but after all the months of stress, I found myself feeling extremely anxious, so I decided to continue. After each treatment with Heidi, I felt calm and refocused, thanks to her relaxed nature and professional treatment. I had a straightforward pregnancy, and my labour was very quick.

Charlotte (May 2017)

I can honestly say that after suffering with constant neck and shoulder pain, visiting Heidi for a course of massage combined with Chinese acupuncture has relieved my pain no end. Heidi’s professionalism, humour and overall care is second to none and I can highly recommend her.

Alan  (December 2017)

After experiencing ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages I decided I needed to do and try something else if not to help with fertility then to help heal myself.  This is when I turned to Heidi and acupuncture. After the first session I instantly fell in love with the therapy.  Heidi is so great. She talked me through the acupuncture points she used for my body and mind for such things like stress and anxiety. She gave me great advice too with regards to diet and what I could do to help myself. I felt so relaxed. I whole hearted believe acupuncture helped me conceive my little boy. Heidi has helped / healed me in so many more ways. I now turn to Heidi and acupuncture for everything.

Natasha  (December 2018)